WatchOUT Detector Exterior
Intelligence Security Service in extreme environments. WatchOUT uses Selective Event Recognition to distinguish between real intrusion and numerous false alarm causes inherent in the unstable outdoor environment.
The Selective Event Recognition WatchOUT is enabled 4 channels of detection: Sway Recognition Technology that uses 2 microwave channels in order to recognize and exclude objects that sway, such as plants or tree limbs. Digital Correlation Technology that uses 2 PIR channels with separate optics to ensure that only those targets that both PIR channels similar and correlated signals, can generate an alarm. Pets, rapid temperature changes, and reflections are ignored. Features 2 MW channels and 2 PIR channels. Coverage 23m 15m 90°or 5°. Installation height: 1.0 m. - 2.7 m. Pet immunity up to 70cm in height. Wide range of professional swivel. High quality camera, optional. Active IR for Anti-Mask alarm and "Dirty Lens". Capacity Remote Diagnosis and Unique in the market. Technology "Anti-Collision MW allows facilities adjacent detectors. Protective visor and environment protection IP65.