New Full HD / Megapixel Technology.
With the new HDTVI Technology we are offering our customers HD & Full HD image quality at the same price of the Analogue CCTV Systems. With this new technology we are able to combine old analogue cameras with HD and Full HD cameras or even upgrade the old systems utilising the existing wires.
New IP 1,3 Mwgapixels wifi camera - Based on
Need a quick solution for easy monitoring and wireless connection with event notifying? This megapixel camera, supports HD image display, allowing users to have clear and sharp monitoring pictures. For any alarm event triggered by the internal human detection sensor or the external alarm-in device, users will be pushed for this event and is able to see the recording video on their mobile devices with our moble app, EagleEyes, installed. Besides, this camera supports wireless network connection. There's no need to worry about the distance between your wireless router and your camera, and how long the network cable should be prepared in your house.
(26-08-2015) New increase of robberies in the area.
There has been a sharp increase in the number of robberies within recent weeks. They act always in small groups (minimun 2 robbers) and they are gaining access using force (breaking or smashing the windows). Please be extra careful and make sure to take all measures to improve the security of the property (shutters - extra locks - security lights - grills...) It is also good to simulate presence in the property. Very common hours are from 21:00 to 00:00 whilst property owners / tennants are out for dinner.
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